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Spin Fleet encourages safer driving, reduces costs and increases efficiency.  We work with Fleets, Insurers, and Telematics Service Providers to identify, record and report key driving information in real-time.

Video Evidence Captured

High-Resolution cameras capture images of the road and (optionally) inside, rear, and sides of the vehicle.

GPS Location Recorded

Built-in GPS/Glonass provides precise event location, driving route, vehicle speed & direction.

Network Connected

Cellular connectivity provides real-time images, live location, and on-demand video access.

Events & Driver Analyzed

Detailed telemetry data enables accurate scoring for driver coaching purposes and reducing claims.

Tracking your assets has never been easier.

A fully configurable dashboard lets you take control of your assets.

Current Location

Know the exact location of your freight.  This location includes a friendly address (123 Main St.) if available.

Geofence Alerts

Set up a geofence alert to get a realtime notification alert if your tracker arrives or enters or exits an area

Battery Life

Check the battery life of your device though the dashboard and get low battery alerts on in the tracking app or via text message.

Highly Accurate

Our GPS tracking devices use multiple satellites to provide extremely accurate locations.

Historic Locations

View your tracker’s current location and see all of the locations it has been with detailed address information.

Fully Customizable

View your trackers from your iOS or Android device or track from any web browser. Customize your notifications for a great tracking experience.

GPS Shipment Tracking

Locate high value items in your supply chain.

GPS Equipment Tracking

Track, protect and optimize equipment.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Realtime tracking, location and alerts.

Personal GPS Tracker

Small, personal GPS trackers.

GPS Trailer Tracking

Trailer trackers with 5 years of battery life.

Car Dealers & Auto Finance

GPS Tracking for dealerships and auto finance companies.

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